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Utility data analytics is the collection of real-time and historic data that helps measure consumer utility behavior.

But it’s not just about the raw data. An effective utility analytics software cleans inconsistent data sets and presents them in a single intuitive utility dashboard for consumers and suppliers to get a birds-eye view of consumption, property architecture performance & billing trends.

Why Make Use Of The Urban Portal

Utility management and analytics take the guesswork out of consumptions and account processes, from data evaluation to management. Consumers can now make informed decisions based on their true usage, billing data, and consumption habits.

Build better forecasts with dashboards that make it easy to view consumption trends, billing details & utility information. settings.

Consumers and utility suppliers use this data to see what is going on within the property level, viewing when, and how utilities are being consumed.

This provides key insight into supply and demand data trends to understand the utility process cycle.

Utility data analytics isn’t just available to suppliers (Council/Municipalities). 95% of consumers have access to some form of analytics data when managing their properties effectively.

The challenge is in mining this often inconsistent usage data. Gathering, normalizing, and analyzing its demand time, resources, and billing processes – and is open to human error.

That’s where Urban Utilities “uSOFT” analytics comes in.

Utility analytic solutions – plus dedicated data experts clean inconsistent utility data and make it simple to understand and effortless to take action.

Most solutions break down the measurements by:

–   Utility Account & Meter data

–   Consumption Usage (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

–   Usage trends (interactive graphs)

–   Water leak information (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

–   Billing Information (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

Managing Utilities Starts With You

It’s a fact, You cant manage what you can’t see

How Can I Make Use Of Utility Analytics?

Utility management analytics revolutionizes consumer and supplier decision-making in four main steps

Data Gathering

With our smart utility metering equipment, we can collect utility data via (IoT, AMR, GSM, LmNET, API, or FTP) protocols

This allows for all collected data to be processed by our AI technology and auto-entered into our utility analytics platform in an intuitive dashboard, saving time and resources compared with owners or internal teams doing it manually

Data cleansing and validation

Utility “AI” analytics tools map all data received ensuring that data are processed and available to consumers and suppliers on a near real-time basis

A team of data experts as a secondary level evaluate and validate data, making sure all data is accurate and consistent

Data analyzing

The utility analytics platform puts clean and accurate data into dashboards, tables, and graphs – making it effortless for consumers & suppliers to analyze consumptions, billing, and supply trends.

This data can also be integrated into any compatible building, accounting, and information software tools to seamlessly provide data across multi-level processes

Drive adoption

USOFT analytics tools – including automated reports, intuitive dashboards, and convenient data files – make it simple for everyone to access and learn from the utility data.

To find out more about how property owners or utility suppliers can reap the rewards of utility management and analytics solutions, get in touch with us today

Consumer Utility Analytic Solutions

The Urban utility portal is a comprehensive analytics platform that simplifies your utility data and provides end-to-end visibility across your property portfolio for management processes

Access the complete suite of utility analytics tools, including 24/7 access to our data experts and our technology platform which provides intuitive dashboards, automatic reporting, billing analysis, and seamless integration with your existing management tools.

The USOFT analytics platform takes the time-consuming manual task of utility readings, data gathering, and management entries away, leaving you with more time to focus on your core duties.

From automated data collection and cleaning to reporting at the highest levels – and all the training and consultancy you will need along the way – the USOFT analytics platform turns your inconsistent utility data and account management processes into valuable and actionable insights.

Visit our USOFT  page for more information on how Urban Utilities transforms the way you manage your utilities

The Benefits of Utility Analytics for Suppliers

Consumer analytics empowers suppliers with the data needed to improve decision-making
It takes the guesswork out of utility product planning, operational strategies, supply, and maintenance activity – arming suppliers with the operational supply and consumer behavior data needed to fuel management processes. Plus, it smooths over relationships with consumers, as they’re able to meet utility supply demands, process billing accurately in accordance with consumer consumption data thanks to smart data & analytical management

Owning Operations

Utility Suppliers often want to know more about utility performance than their consumers. USOFT enterprise analytics data helps them spot broad trends across their utility reticulation and infrastructure environments, plus smaller granular changes by province, region, or suburb. For example, a supplier spots a specific utility supply line that is underperforming in one region. They can use this knowledge to investigate the supply process within a specific area and perform predictive maintenance before any outage occurs that will affect consumers negatively.

Supplier analytics enhances forecasting and maintenance planning. Suppliers use historical data to improve operations for the next year, meeting demand and minimizing losses across their regions.

Report Automation

Suppliers save 12.5 hours a week on average by automating reporting. Plus, the ROI on report automation alone typically covers the cost of the supplier analytics tool. This isn’t to mention the increase in profits from actioning their insights.

Real-time analytics data is used to generate automatic performance reports – giving suppliers an efficient birds-eye view of utility performance on (residential & bulk) environments, which can also be drilled down by individual region, area, suburb, street, or property level. Save time and access more informed decision-making, now and in the future, with automated reporting.

Mapping Utility Data

Supplier utility analytics takes the complex and time-consuming task of data mining away from busy staff. The tool automatically maps consumer data to present trends for clearer decision-making.

Data is mapped across the consumption journey – accounting for all channels, from supply & demand, revenue management, maintenance to physical footfall and conversions. This helps suppliers optimize their supply & demand process strategies by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and adjusting accordingly.

Analytics brings together all supplier data in one place, for the clearest possible picture. For example, consumer consumption and operational supply data on utilities are both useful – but they’re even more powerful when combined. Suppliers can map the entire utility life cycle and react immediately to any weaknesses

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