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Property Owners / Management Agents / Utility Suppliers & Solution Partners use the Urban platform for a reason

The most intelligent property utility management software that integrates with ease, making it an advanced end to end solution for every property

Urban Utilities

Property Owners / Management Agents / Utility Suppliers & Solution Partners use the Urban platform for a reason

The most intelligent property utility management software that integrates with ease, making it an advanced end to end solution for every property

Urban Utilities

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Urban Utilities has been pioneering utility automation since 2003 – everything from SMART metering to AI Tech, to full-stack utility change management. In this time there’s one thing we’ve learned: Innovative technology alone isn’t enough to thrive in today’s market.

That’s why we provide a full-spectrum continuum of services to all of our customers. When you partner with Urban Utilities, you’re not just getting best-in-class technology, you’re also getting a team of utility industry experts who are there to help plan, execute and manage it all for you.

Urban Utilities

IoT Meters & Devices on uSOFT

IoT Electrical Meters in field

IoT Water Meters in field

IOT Tank Infrastructures Managed

IOT Geyser Units Managed

AMR Meters & Concentrators on uSOFT

AMR Electrical Meters in field

AMR Water Meters in field

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Utility Portal

With Urban Utilities you can now get access to the first full-stack utility portal that allows for a multi-faceted process to run virtually available on (web applications, IoS & Android App), this allows for property owners, tenants, utility suppliers, utility management partners, management agents, and property developers to gain access to a state of the art utility solution.

Integrated Solution

The Urban uSoft product is fully integrated with all South African Councils and Municipalities, compatible with all local and international utility equipment brands, and allows for seamless integration with any other third-party products or processes, making this a flexible, cost-effective, and usable product.

System Access

As a supplier or management partner, owner or tenant you deserve to have access to utility data at your fingertips, and with the Urban Utilities platform, you get just that.

Manage water, electricity, gas, liquid fuels, tank infrastructure, agricultural products, access points, and counter systems all from within the urban uSoft platform.

Data Availability

All data is available within a single utility platform to view, compare, and report on all relevant processes and data sets as integrated into the utility management scope; allow for accurate consumption reporting, correct billing processing, and live property views. The integrated processes allow processing and management of property and building data more timeously, which will allow for cost-saving strategies across operational scopes that will benefit all.

The Future Of Utility Management
Lies Within uSOFT

Industry Focus

Commercial Utility Management

Urban Utility commercial management allows for all types of commercial buildings to be managed. Commercial infrastructure from single tenanted premises/level up to multi-tenanted buildings. Urban Utilities offers tailor-made solutions customised to the commercial environment as well as to the landlords, property managers, and tenant’s needs.

Industrial Utility Management

Urban Utility industrial management allows for infrastructure, buildings & equipment to be managed. From re-factories, warehouses, single tenanted premises, or multi-tenanted industrial sites. Urban Utilities offers tailor-made solutions customised to the industrial environment as well as to the landlords, property managers, and tenant’s needs.

Retail Utility Management

Urban Utility retail management is a dedicated process with the capability to manage small, medium, and large retails centers. Our dedicated retail utility infrastructure enables the management of a multitude of meters or devices including tenant management. Our uSoft utility system ensures dependability & accuracy for landlords, property managers, and tenants.

Residential Utility Management

Urban Utilities has a dedicated utility process for the residential market, allowing for utility management on small, medium, and large residential properties. This can be implemented to be owner-managed or tenant’s with a state-of-the-art residential utility process integrated with all South African Councils and Municipalities.

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To date, the Urban product and property system solutions have benefited our company tremendously as we can manage our entire property portfolio from within one platform, and when comparing it with other solutions in the market, we realized that we’ve saved time and money.

Deshni Ramsy

Chief Technical Officer, Nest Property Group

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Urban Utilities is a proudly South African company and as a Level 2 BEE contributor, Urban Utilities is committed to demonstrating sustainability by supporting social transformation and job creation in South Africa


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Urban Utilities


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Urban Utilities

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