Urban Utilities Account Management and Customer Portal Delivers an Exceptional Customer Experience

Put an end to Incorrect Billing and Estimations, No more incorrect meter readings and frustrations with your utility accounts. The Urban Customer Portal specifically designed for clients that wants to ensure their utility bills are correct and accurate.

Available 24/7/365, our customer portal allows clients to view their utility consumptions and billing information live, the solution caters for all type of property owners and can be scaled as needed to provide the most accurate and drilled down information to cater for specific needs

Discover how we increase client engagement with a range of self-serve features, and utility support structures all integrated into our Urban Utilities customer interface.

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Our product offerings allow property owners to take back control on monthly spend towards council utility bills and ensure that all consumption’s as per the council bill provided is accurate with true and correct readings.

All our processes interlink with our management programme solution to ensure transparency in control when it comes to all council / municipality & Eskom billing” process. The “Urban Utilities” management tool does “not” replace the current council meter/bill but works together in the solution to provide more control to the billing processes from council’s / municipalities & Eskom, with dedicated management and live information functionality integrated into the main process.

Urban Utilities fully manage each client’s council/municipal or Eskom structure with full auditing processes, accurate consumption’s and correct billing strategies to ensure each property owners utilities bill is correct; accurate and transparent.

Who We Are
Urban Utilities is the leading provider of integrated technology solutions, enterprise management solutions and multi-disciplinary professional services to public and private entities, municipalities, provincial government and has been for a number of years.

Urban Utilities has taken the lead in supplying public property owners, private entities and local government with enterprise management solutions, metering equipment and council / municipal account debt management solutions, electrical & plumbing services, while also providing revenue management and meter reading solutions to local property owners.

Urban Utilities employs a team of innovative, solution-driven, experienced, motivated and dedicated professionals, who are all specialists in their respective fields. We have established ourselves as the preferred service provider, in varying capacities, to the majority of private institutions, public and private entities, property owners and also including local, provincial and national government departments, state-owned entities in general.

We offer support to all our clients through a centralised help desk and decentralised support centres run by regional managers. These regional support centres are strategically located in Johannesburg, Vaal Triangle, Bloemfontein, Centurion, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town, PE, Kimberley, Potchefstroom.

Corporate Information

Urban Utilities Pty (Ltd) is a leading private Utility management company and is a subsidiary of the Full Circle Group. Operating mainly within South Africa; however, we do have operations in several other African countries.

We are very proud of our LEVEL 2 B-BBEE Status which we have been able to achieve through hard work and key business strategies.

What We Do
  • Smart Utility Systems
  • Utility Management Applications
  • Utility Transactional Solution
  • Pre-Paid Metering Solutions
  • Utility Data Collections
  • Electrical & Plumbing Solutions and Support
  • Water & Electrical Consumption Metering
  • Utility Billing Processing
    Property Management

Urban Utilities Pty (Ltd) got established for a specific focus, to provide solutions within the utility industry, looking at the end user “the consumer”. The rationale for the creation of Urban Utilities was based on a need to integrate 2 utility companies through an alignment of assets, the removal of duplicated costs through a shared service model and to have a more focused approach to customers in order to take advantage of both cross and up selling opportunities, providing value-added products, services and solutions within the utility space with the strategy to save cost to the end consumer and providing a new revenue model to the national Municipality & Council network.

Utility Customer Portal
Urban Utilities Customer portal provides a complete end to end platform that meets the all the utility needs now and into the

Urban Utilities modern approach to utility technology means our customers are empowered with the most innovative customer platform in the industry, ready for whatever utility challenges lie ahead. Urban Utilities portal expertly manages each stage of the utility lifecycle, from consumption, billing and support operations, to customer programs and deep customer engagement.

The Changing Industry

The utility industry faces transformative pressures from nearly every angle. Consumer expectations
continue to evolve swiftly as available technology drives new trends and makes information more
accessible. Conservation efforts and changing markets around the world continue to influence regulations and utility challenges.

Ideas that were once considered cutting edge – smart grid, pre-paid billing – are becoming commonplace and require us to respond more quickly. At Urban Utilities we developed a Customer Information portal that not only meets the needs now, but one that also positions us to easily adapt as the industry continues to change, proactively leveraging innovative business models to promote growth and longevity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A Complete Customer Platform

Modern consumers expect more than just a bill from their utility providers: they want a consistent and valuable experience through a variety of channels. They want more choice in how they interact, and they want more access to information on demand. Urban Utilities Customer portal allows us to engage the modern consumer with more flexibility and agility.

Urban Utilities Customer portal meets the needs of all clients and caters for all sizes with a modular design. The core component of the customer portal is a powerful data management system that lays the foundation for accurate consumption data collection and billing strategies, ensuring that all consumptions are true reflections with accurate billing.

To find out more about the Urban Utilities Customer portal simply register and see what the portal can do for your Council / Municipality account management – Now and in the Future!

Information For Contractors
Doing Business with Urban Utilities

At Urban Utilities we embrace a positive and constructive culture working with our suppliers to secure safe, value for money, innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers, shareholders and the community. We are committed to providing our residential and commercial customers with the highest level of water and electrical services and we recognize the important role our contractors play in helping us achieve this.

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Partnership and External Service Providers

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Urban Utilities is a proudly South African company and as a Level 2 BEE contributor, Urban Utilities is committed to demonstrating sustainability by supporting social transformation and job creation in South Africa


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