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Why work for urban utilities

We employ more than 50 staff and offer a diverse range of career opportunities across a broad range of disciplines including engineering, operations, Information technology, professional, administration, and field based roles.

In addition to being committed to supplying the highest level of utility services to our customers, we are committed to providing our employees with:
  • a commitment to safety and employee wellbeing
  • excellent work-life balance and flexibility
  • an opportunity to be part of a team focused on being a leader within their industry
  • meaningful and rewarding work
  • competitive remuneration packages
  • great team environment
  • opportunities for transfers and promotions
  • a commitment to a constructive culture
  • an opportunity to contribute to the essential services of our community
We offer attractive employee benefits including:
  • great leave provisions
  • job specific training
  • development/career opportunities
  • study support

Our Purpose, Vision & Values

We have a unique set of organisational values. They provide guidelines for employees on what behaviour is expected and how decisions should be made. When selecting new employees we look for:

  • relevant skills and abilities
  • a commitment to safety
  • ability to live our values
  • willingness to learn from experience and apply this successfully in new situations

Our Purpose

To enrich quality of life

Our Vision

We will be recognized for our excellence in Utility services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and enhance our local communities 

Our Culture

We’re focused on growing a constructive culture where everyone in all parts of our business contribute to our cultural transformation journey.

Our leaders, in consultation with their teams, set realistic, yet challenging goals and ensure there is clear accountability for everyone’s roles. We provide support and regular feedback so everyone understands how they are performing, the value of their work and how their role contributes to our purpose of “Enriching quality of life”. We encourage collaboration to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation and the communities we serve. We’ve made significant improvements to our culture and regularly ask for feedback about how things are changing and improving.

Our Innovation Focus

Our Innovation Program is delivering operational efficiencies, improved safety practices, enhanced customer outcomes and improvements to our workplace culture.

Women in Leadership Group

Our Women in Leadership Group was established in 2016 to promote and harness the potential of women and contribute to the inclusive leadership culture at Urban Utilities. The group has 24 members who are current or aspiring leaders from all areas of the organisation. Members provide formal and informal support to their female colleagues through mentoring; research, training and development opportunities; and guidance on achieving work/life balance, health and wellness.

Young Water Professionals Group

Our Young Water Professionals Group was established in 2016, and is dedicated to fostering young talent across the business. The group currently has 20+ members, with a smaller committee overseeing the group’s operation. Members have the opportunity to access resources and events that contribute to their personal and professional development.

” To work for us will change the way you live forever “

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