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Property Water Leaks

Property Water Leaks

Leaks from pipes, plumbing fixtures and fittings can occur in any property, at any time, regardless of its age, location or construction method. They can occur in new homes, old homes, outside, inside, above or under the ground. We recommend you complete the following...

Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

We live in the driest continent in the world, so it's important we use our water resources wisely and adjust our water use when conditions change. After a record dry winter and a forecast hot summer ahead, Urban Water has launched the drought readiness phase of its...

How to read your water meter

How to read your water meter

Your water meter reading should be taken every 30 days for the purposes of billing water consumption. You can see the date your meter was read at the top of page two of your bill. If council can’t read your meter, a card will be left in your mail box to explain the...

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