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Let Us Manage Your Utilities Account

Utility account management has to be done monthly and if not done correctly it can become a tedious process

The Urban management process had been designed specifically to assist our clients with an end-to-end Council/Municipality account management process. Strategically developed to ensure that all utility account processes are evaluated, reconciled, and processed for payment, all aligned with full auditing trails

Utility Account Management

Utility bill processing, payment, and management have become one of the most time-consuming areas for property owners, tenants, management agents, suppliers and the accounts payable department of companies

Streamline accounts, improve validation, and simplify utility payments

Urban Utilities created an effective way to manage utility account by implementing key account strategies to ensure that all channels are covered.

The formal account process we follow allows us to manage properties, buildings, facilities, utility performance, sustainability data collection, and so on.

Utility accounts payable often finds itself outside of the typical property owner, agent radar as managing finances is very much a core activity.  However, when it comes to utility accounts, property owners, management agents & organizations have found the cost of managing, and processing payment of utility bills within such short timelines needs a different approach

The Financial Process

Urban Utilities don’t just focus on utility management as a standalone function we also ensure that each client receives access to the Urban account management strategy that includes a full financial suite.

Part of the main solution towards the utility account management process is the “Financial module” that would form the backbone of the integrated structure for all utility accounts received from local councils/municipalities and suppliers to be captured, evaluated, processed and reported on, this to allow for the payment strategies to take effect that would be auditable as part of the standard financial process.

The Flow Process

The key to any process is the flow of how things happen, and we have strategically designed and engineered our financial flow process in accordance with regulatory guidelines to ensure that each utility account is managed as per requirement

The secret to our successful account strategy is doing it smartly


Smart account management processing is key to any financial process and combining that with smart utility data that is accurate and integrated within the utility process makes for a winning solution

Bill Management Service

Urban Utilities provides accounts payable or facilities teams a single solution to utility account management and bill processing by delivering its services within USOFT™, which is a robust software architecture developed in-house by utility experts.

The tracking, reporting, and management of accounts through USOFT™ delivers such efficiencies. Property owners, tenants, management agents, organizations, and suppliers can now have a single resource for all utility accounts, as the task is now merely one of managing it through USOFT™

The end to end financial process

Ingest & Capture Utility, Council/Municipality/Landlord Data
  • External utility data feeds will be captured from the Urban Utilities platform
  • Council/Municipality invoices will be captured via the Urban “IA” process
  • Evaluation process initiated on all utility accounts
  • Data preparation to take place for sub-ledger and GL


Generate Reconciliations
  • Close the general ledger and sub-ledgers for the month
  • Load all transactions from the general ledger, sub-ledger, and independent sources into the (UART) Urban account reconciliation tool
  • Initiate the automated transaction matching process
  • Matching is the process of reconciling transactions from the general ledger to a sub-ledger or independent source
  • Generate the account reconciliations for preparation
  • Route reconciliation workflow to reconciliation preparers notifying them that reconciliations have been generated

Prepare Reconciliations
  • Identify the items included in the general ledger balance
  • Perform additional manual matching of transactions (if necessary)
  • Research outstanding items and continue working-aged items
  • Provide acceptable backup documentation supporting the reconciliation (independent of the general ledger)
  • Ensure that the ledger and sub-ledgers are in-balance
  • Add any additional comments to support the reconciliation
  • Certify the account and send it to the account manager for review and sign-off


Account Payments and Bank Account Management
  • Generate payment file to be loaded for client internal execution
  • Authorizing payment process between Urban Utilities and client (Two-way authorization process)
  • Process payments as per client’s rules, process, policies & procedures including accounting rules, tax rules, etc.
  • Manage the utility bank account
  • Process and provide audit file entries


Management Reporting
  • Operational Reporting (SLA Metrics)
  • Management Information Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports)
  • Variance Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Utility bank account reconciliations
  • Accounting audit file per standards
  • Generate month-end reports including:
  • Exposure Report
  • Aged Open Items Report
  • Numbering of unreconciled accounts by a specific utility, site, council, region, etc.
  • Unreconciled balances and financial exposure reports
  • Consolidate key reports and metrics for review on an executive level


Financially Designed By Experts

Our financial process designed by financial engineers to optimize and align your utility bill management strategy

Experts in financial Process


The Urban Utilities financial department is structured to achieve direct deliverables that form part of the “Financial Services & Financial Engineering” processes all in line with the full financial solution and utility management strategy.

Placing specific people in specific roles to allow objectives to be achieved throughout the department is key to success and without the team members, the financial department would not be operational.

We highly value the team involved

Urban Financial Org Structure


“Change the way you see utility bills

and the way you manage it will change as well”

The Value In Utility Management

If you want to save money on utility bills while optimising utility consumption and benefit from the guidance of a trusted advisor in utilities, then speak to us now.

We pride ourselves on being the main utilities management company that does all this and more. With us you don’t have to worry about your council account as we manage your account to the full. No more utility account problems, billing issues, meter reading discrepancies, estimations or disconnection notices.

The Urban Management process caters for privately owned free standing properties,complexes, industrial parks, commercial property, and shopping centers together with a full suite of tools for utility suppliers saving money and resources are critical goals. Urban Utility Management gives you accurate information and advice on your utilities, from energy to water to gas and tank management. Our expertise and service implementation is what you need to reduce utility costs, improve efficiency, lower expenses, and enhance accurate billing processes.

Let us manage your council account

You can’t manage what you can’t see


For Us to manage your council account and provide you with access to accurate monthly billing on your electricity or water consumption’s from the council is fairly simple and easy to put in place. You can either do “Electricity or Water” or both or “Gas and Tank” management as the choice is yours, prepaid meters can also be monitored with the same strategy so don’t let your current prepaid meter stop you from managing the rest of your account.

Act now and register on the national Urban utility portal or make contact with us today by clicking on the button below.

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