Urban Council Account Management

Want to save money on utility bills while optimising energy & water consumption and benefiting from the guidance of a trusted advisor in utilities?

We pride ourselves on being the main utilities management company that does all this and more. With us you don’t have to worry about your council account as we manage your account to the full. No more council account problems, billing issues, meter reading discrepancies, estimations or disconnection notices.

The Urban Management process caters for privately owned free standing properties,complexes, industrial parks, commercial property and shopping centres, saving money and resources are critical goals. Urban Utility Management gives you accurate information and advice on your utilities, from energy to water and waste. Our expertise and service implementation is what you need to reduce utility costs, improve efficiency, lower expenses and enhance accurate billing from council and utility suppliers.

Do You Have Council Issues?


General Account Issues


Incorrect Meter Readings


Incorrect Monthly Billing & Estimations


Arrear Accounts


Disconnections from Council

Meter Readings Collected In The Cloud

  • Monthly Property Utilities Meter Reading on Consumption and Status Data (Done via our cloud network architecture)
  • Monthly Property Municipal Billing Audits
  • Monthly Property Utility Meter Reading Consumption Submission To (Council / Municipality or Eskom) (Submissions
  • Done By Means Of Electronic data file)
  • Accurate Property Municipal Billing Conformation After Submission Of Property Meter Reading Data (Client SMS and E-mail functionality)
  • Property Utility Consumption Tracking On A Monthly Basis
  • Elimination of sliding Scale Billing and Estimations
  • Monthly Client Feedback on Municipal Billing Status And Accounts

What You Get

  • Monthly Meter Readings (Open & Closing)
  • Meter Readings processed to your local council (no more phone in readings)
  • Accurate Billing as per true reflections
  • Full account management by Urban Utilities
  • No more disconnections or notices from council
  • Live consumption data on the portal and mobile app’s
  • True reflections and monthly forecasting on usage
  • Build monthly and yearly history on your property consumption’s
  • Live consumption charts / exportable data
  • Property leak detection with instant warning notification
  • Let us manage your council account

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    For Us to manage your council account and provide you with access to accurate monthly billing on your electricity or water consumption’s from council is fairly simple and easy to put in place. You can either do “Electricity or Water” or both as the choice is yours, prepaid meters can also be monitored with the same strategy so don’t let your current prepaid meter stop you from managing the rest of your account.

    Make contact with us today to find out how we we go about it and get your account freedom soon as possible.

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    Design Quarters, Nicol Grove Office Park, William Nicol drive, Cnr Leslie, Fourways, Gauteng, South Africa

    Information Contact Number

    National Office
    +27 (0) 11 780 8235

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    Meter Readings In The Cloud

    Get acces to all your property consumption data live from your property

    Tank Level Management

    Manage and view all your starage tank levels and reservoir processes

    Council Account Disputes

    Let us handle your Council / Municipal account dispute in full

    Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy is the way of the future for sustainable energy


    About The Urban Portal

    The gateway to your utilities consumption data

    Manage Your Council Account

    Manage your council / municipal account from within the urban portal

    Billing & Payments

    Pay your council / municipal account from within the urban portal


    Report Water Leaks

    Report any water leak within your local area
    and we will report it

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