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Urban Device Isntallation Questions

Q:  Where does the installation process entail?

A:  The installation process entails that a small management device is installed on either the main water meter or main Kwh electrical meter from Council.

Q:  Can one fit the devices your self?

A:  Yes, if the water meter and electrical KwH meter is compatible it’s a simple plug and play unit that the user would be able to fit them selfs. Each unit comes with a how to guide and instructions.

Q:  How long does an installation take from start to finish?

A:  If the property architecture on the utility supply from Council is up to standard and compatible, then an installation of the device would normally take about 5 to 10 min

Q:  Where would the Urban management device be installed?

A:  The Urban Device is installed on the main sections, either on the Water or Electrical supply


With the water installation,  the Urban device would be installed directly onto the main water meter from Council that sits outside the property on the boundary line, by simply clipping the meter into the pickup hole that is found on the water meter itself.


With the Electrical installation, the Urban device would be installed directly on the KwH meter that sits within the main electrical box outside the property, by simply screwing in the 2 loose wires into the pulse output side of the KwH meter.

Q:  Does each property have exactly the same type of meters from a council?

A:  No, each council does not have the same type of meters, thus its important to make sure that the water meter and the electrical KwH meter are similar to those in the photos on the right-hand side of this text.

Q:  What happens if the Council meters are not compatible or as per the ones in the photos?

A:  well it is not the end of the world as there is a very easy fix. You can simply install a conversion unit that would allow you to adapt the current council meter and allow it to be compatible with the latest models, this will then allow the Urban device to be fitted without any concern or issues moving forward.

Q:  What is the cost of the conversion units?

A:  Water:

The water conversion unit cost between R300 and R600

  • Installation of the unit would be in the region of about R1000 by a local plumber


The electrical conversion unit cost between R650 and R1400

(single phase being the cheaper one)

  • Installation of the KwH unit would be in the region of about R750 by a local electrician
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