How To Read Your Water Meter

Your water meter reading should be taken every 30 days for the purposes of billing water consumption. You can see the date your meter was read at the top of page two of your bill.


Why wasn’t my meter read?

If council can’t read your meter, a card will be left in your mail box to explain the reason why. This card also allows you to provide your meter reading to them by mail for the purposes of billing water consumption. If you require assistance getting access to the meter, please call us on +27 (0) 87 551 0834 .

If you find bees in your water meter, please do not kill them as native bees are protected. We will remove the bees from Urban Utilities owned meter boxes only. If the meter is not owned by Urban Utilities, you can arrange safe removal of the bees by visiting the South African Beekeepers’ Association website.


Locating your water meter

Water meters are usually located on the nature strip outside your property; your water meter will be set in the ground or above in a blue, white or black box.

Please keep in mind that if you live in an apartment, unit or townhouse complex, you may not have individual meters for each residence.

If you need help locating your meter, please contact us.


Why you should read your water meter regularly

Taking a reading of your water meter regularly can help you monitor your usage. It can also help you identify leaks either inside your home or underground.


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