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State of the art utility product solution dedicated to the property sector

Property agents use the Urban platform for a reason

Manage rental utilities, collect meter readings in the cloud, integrated processes, report on your entire portfolio, provide value add services to clients, all in one system

Urban Utilities

Property agents use the Urban platform for a reason

Manage rental utilities, collect meter readings in the cloud, integrated processes, report on your entire portfolio, provide value add services to clients, all in one system

Urban Utilities

Make the Urban System part of your property management process

For Rental & Property Managers


Managing rental properties as a rental or management agent has several challenging operational aspects, and utility management at property level is seen as one of the fundamental management processes that every agent needs to perform or manage monthly for or on behalf of a client.


This management process is also one of the most common processes that agents have problems with seeing that it is time-consuming and takes valuable resources, specifically if there are utility account issues.


The Urban property utility solution works well for all letting and management agents as it integrates into all existing business processes and models, saving time and effort spend on utility account-related matters, thus allowing for flexibility and process automation to ensure an overall better utility management strategy.


Don’t get left behind and partner with Urban Utilities to ensure that you have the upper hand when it comes to utility management for your property portfolio.

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Partner with “Urban Utilities” today and implement our property utility product solutions into your current business scope to provide value-added services to your current and future property clients. Opening up new revenue streams and possibilities within your current business models, growing the strategic business focus by increasing your service offerings to clients.

You will be able to integrate and automate key utility management processes within your portfolio management process to ensure that the entire property management segment is covered.

Join the Urban family today

One Of  A Kind Platform That Benefits all Agents

Your Brand

Manage your property portfolio as part of your own brand – your logos, your theme, your business

Cloud Utilities

Process utilities of your entire portfolio in the cloud eliminating manual data capturing and utility invoicing to clients

Create New Business

The revenue generator allows each business partner to open up new revenue stream


Automate Reporting

Automate your property portfolios reports for all processes related to utility management 


Account Management

Provide your clients with a full utility account management platform with integrated processes in one place

Client Access

Allow your clients secure access to their utility data live on the online platform, available 24/7

Open Up 

By integrating the Urban property solution into current business models each partner would gain a valuable new leg to the business process that would allow for property value-added services to be offered to current and new clients.

Multiple new business offerings can be created within the current business model that will allow for new revenue income streams to be generated without changing any key structures within the current processes.

Don’t change the business goals, just do it smarter

Want to see what you get ?

Manage Your Client Portfolios

The Smarter Way

Don’t just manage your client’s property portfolio like any other real estate business, but do it the smarter way by tapping into the fastest growing property utility business tool in the industry. 

Portfolio Management

Manage each client individually or setup portfolio groups that will allow for easy access and overview of the specific account and property-related processes

Shared Access

Each account or group created within the process will have a dedicated organisation structure with shared access, providing access to key role-players within the organisation for a transparent workflow. This allows the flow of data available from the owner/tenant level, up to top management providing key data sets on each level

Smart Consumption Management

Manage “Water, Electrical & Gas” consumptions for all your clients from within the cloud base solution. No need to visit any property for meter readings, photos, or manual processes as all of these are automated within the Urban process.

Save time and save money by doing it smarter

Smart Cloud Readings

With smart readings, all your rental and management property’s “Water, Electrical & Gas” meter readings will be captured live every day from the property, directly into the cloud.

Making the specific consumption data available at your fingertips at a click of a button

Property Data Processing

Utility data collection directly from properties has never been so easy, the system does it all and does it in near real-time.

Each data set gets processed and reported on in near real-time to allow for constant access to the relevant property utility data, this allows for all users within the value chain to gain key utility insight into each property that forms part of the account

Automated Council Process

Each client account within your portfolio will automatically be linked to the relevant Council/Municipality process for that property, this allows for an end to end data process whereby the account is fully integrated within the main process.

With this, you will gain direct insight into the council process allowing for more transparent account management and accurate bill processing for each of your clients

” Smart Management

with the right

Prop Tech  “

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