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Utility Management Software

Manage Property Utilities

The Smarter Way

Urban Utilities

Utility System Features 


Consumption Tracking

»  Live utility meter readings in the cloud

»  Comprehensive utility usage display

»  AI usage forecasting

»  Interactive consumption dashboard



Utility Bill Processing

»  Bill processing from within the system

»  Council utility bill verification process

»  Utility payment platform

»  Interactive billing communication



"AI" Utility Reporting

»  Automated utility report processing

»  AI Consumption reports

»  Client, Admin & Council reporting

»  Billing & account reporting



Early Warning & Notifications

»  AI early warning detection

»  Instant notification processing

»  Alarm/event notification logs 



Council Account Management

»  Full utility Account management

»  Council level utility processing

»  All utility accounts linked with councils

»  Account audit process



Access Level Management

»  Various system access levels

»  Permission-based

»  Access level for council overview 


Track Utility Usage The Smart Way


Live and In the cloud consumptions

Urban Utilities allow each user access to all property utility consumption data, live and in the cloud with near-realtime data feeds updated in a user-friendly portal for ease of access

Meter Readings & Reporting at Your Finger Tips


Meter Readings Processed Live

With Integrated “AI” Reporting


All meter readings are processed by the Urban IoT technology directly from the property without any manual human input, view all data in near-realtime processes with integrated data reporting structures for the ease of access available through our system analytics.

Save time and money by managing utility meter readings the Urban way

Integrated With All South African Councils & Municipalities


Data submissions automated with

all Councils & Municipalities

The Urban process is fully integrated with the council & municipality process to allow for data submissions to take place directly from our IoT cloud system, this allows the council & municipalities to receive accurate and near-realtime data that they then use for billing on true meter consumptions.

All this is automated and take place without any manual processes

Want to see how it works ?

Utility Bill Processing


Utility Bill Management at Your Fingertips

Utility billing is a key fundamental in the process to ensure that each property owner or tenant is billed correctly for the utility consumption that occurs during each period in time.

With the utility management process in place accurate and on-time billing can be done from within one platform, this allows for smooth utility bill management from accurate utility data with the processing of utility invoices to the responsible person from within the system via Email, SMS & Whatsapp

Early Warning & Notifications


Event Notifications Instantly as they


The smart utility system in conjunction with the Urban device allows for a state of the art AI warning and notification process.

Integrated into the core process each justifiable utility event that occurs within the set property gets tracked and reported on in realtime, thus allowing for the end-user to be informed about these events.

Water leaks, consumption threshold, and prepaid management can now be acted on as preventative processes when notifications are received on these set events.

Access Level Management


User access granted on different levels

Each property portfolio within the system has different access levels providing flexibility on user rights

Provide access to different users from within the system, setting up key responsibility sets and view allocations securing the level of data that you want the user to have access to.

By keeping control over the data process, all data would be secure but accessible by a click of a button by any user as per the user-level access form anywhere in the world.

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»    Drive Value Added Service

»    Open Up New Revenue Streams


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