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Ted Blom

Utilities Director

Ted Blom is a senior mining, energy and utilities strategist and tactician with a master’s degree in Business from Wits Business School, Commercial and Law degrees from the University of Port Elizabeth, and a PMD from Harvard Business School. In addition Ted Blom completed his Mineral Economics qualification under the auspices of Professor Dennis Buchanan from Imperial College of Mining, London.

Ted has also been grounded in Strategic Procurement Negotiations by Vantage Partners, an offspring from HBS in Boston, and finally, Ted has been tutored in Actuarial risk assessment and reduction techniques by ART in Zurich, a specialist division of the world’s largest insurer.

Ted has over 35 years’ experience in management, mining, commodities, energy  and strategy execution. In addition Ted has led numerous investigations and projects in both the mining and energy spheres and advises, lectures and consults worldwide  to companies, sovereign funds, hedge funds, investment banks, government mining ministries and investors.

During his tenure at Eskom, Ted was responsible for the internal Financial Consulting division (including tariff setting) . Since 2009, Ted has presented numerous papers to NERSA, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa on Efficiency, Electricity costs & Price paths, Impact of electricity pricing on the economy  and projected electricity price paths to 2030.

Ted Blom was also invited to deliver a paper at the Africa Utility Week Conference in Cape Town in May 2016 Titled “Cost reflective tariffs in SA – Fact or fiction” and again in 2017 , 2018 & 2019 on the status and future of Eskom & Energy in Africa.

Ted remains actively involved in the electricity debate, both on radio, TV, and in print as well as deeply involved in Energy Projects & Regulatory in SA & worldwide.

Ted Blom Joins Urban Utilities

Ted Blom joined Urban Utilities to lead an innovative “Utility Management Department” focusing on Financial Recovery Plans for Councils & Municipalities, billing strategies that would streamline the business process end to end, including the focus on renewable energy development on a broad-spectrum.The department led by Ted Blom will have a key role to play within the holistic utility scope looking at the financial management and billing processes implemented by utility suppliers and development of energy resources across South Africa, these process will allow the department to work closely with the various stakeholders on a national basis to ensure that all parties involved has a voice in the South African utility industry.


The department led by Ted Blom will focus on key points including:

With this strategic process, we aim to interact with all utility suppliers and stakeholders, focusing on the financial process between “Eskom, Rand Water” and their clients the Councils/Municipalities.

With 275 Councils/Municipalities in South Africa and 92% of them being in the “red” on the latest audit outcomes it’s clear that change needs to happen in the processes.

The Urban council management process aims to work with all Councils/Municipalities to allow integration of our model for sustainable financial resolutions in the billing process from Eskom/Water Supplier” that would allow for repayment strategies on all arrear accounts and accurate billing moving forward. This will assist Councils/Municipalities to have a streamlined re-payment strategy in place that would ultimately benefit the audit report for the new financial year.

Its common knowledge that all property owners, businesses and various stakeholders at one point in time will have some sort of dispute with the utility supplier (Council/Municipality), with no ideas of possible resolution that can be implemented, all this leads to pure frustration.

99% of these frustrations would be a result of negligence, incorrect billing (over billing or estimations) and has a direct impact on the property owners account with the supplier.

With the Urban Utilities account management process we can assist the property owner “Residential & Commercial” to resolve the dispute in a manner that would benefit the property owner and the supplier.

The dispute management process will allow for account resolution and settlement with an accurate billing process moving forward as part of the strategy, allowing the end user to be assured of correct billing form the supplier moving forward.

The focus of renewable energy within South Africa has come a long way over the past number of years and with the latest news from the Energy Minister that the grid would be open its evidence that the renewable energy sector has a huge role to play.

Ted Blom and the team will endeavour to strategically evolve the process to allow all South Africans to benefit from renewable energy in the long run. With a key focus on developing solutions that will allow every property owner to either receive or provide energy from a renewable source.

Follow the link below and get in touch with Ted Blom and the Urban management team if you have questions pertaining to the above

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