Manage Your Utilities & Consumption Data

Live In The Cloud

We at Urban Utilities supply our customers with second-to-none self-service access to their utility information with state of the art meter and smart meter consumption information, accessed through the Urban Customer Portal.

With a focus on customer engagement— our portal allows customers to view usage data that helps them make beneficial, cost-saving decisions on how and when they use their utilities. The infrastructure also ensures that accurate meter readings are captured on a live feed, allowing all clients to be billed on accurate readings eliminating estimated billing.

With consumption readings from our intelligent meter reading network (in the cloud), customers gain easy access to detailed data, patterns and insight into how much water, electricity, gas or other utilities they are using.

Once collected, this data can be:

  • Displayed via interactive consumption charts across all platforms from the Urban Portal dashboard
  • Charted and downloaded using the export reporting format for customer’s personal records
  • Helpful to customers to view all meter usage in a forecasted and historical data set

The Urban infrastructure also allows client to tap into the “Leak Detection” module that will act as an early warning for possible leaks within the property.

This system will provide clients with leak insight to:

  • Possible leak warnings via (SMS, Email & Customer Portal Notifications)
  • Leak values for the period visible on the customer portal
  • Integrated data information for insurance claims
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