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All your utility information processed from your property into the cloud with live integration with your council/municipality



True meter readings will allow for accurate billing as all your data will be processed directly to the council/municipality for accurate billing



Get access to the National Utilities Portal and view all your consumption data live and in the cloud 24/7 365 days of the year


With Urban Utilities you can now get the access you deserve to all your utility consumptions by making use
of our “National Utilities Portal”, get all your electrical & water consumptions from your property live and in the cloud

Urban Utilities Account Management and Customer Portal Delivers an Exceptional Customer Experience

Put an end to Incorrect Billing and Estimations, No more incorrect meter readings and frustrations with your utility accounts. The Urban Customer Portal specifically designed for clients that wants to ensure their utility bills are correct and accurate.

Available 24/7/365, our customer portal allows clients to view their utility consumptions and billing information live, the solution caters for all type of property owners and can be scaled as needed to provide the most accurate and drilled down information to cater for specific needs

Discover how we increase client engagement with a range of self-serve features, and utility support structures all integrated into our Urban Utilities customer interface.

Let us help you!

Our product offerings allow property owners to take back control on monthly spend towards council utility bills and ensure that all consumption’s as per the council bill provided is accurate with true and correct readings.

All our processes interlink with our management programme solution to ensure transparency in control when it comes to all council / municipality & Eskom billing” process. The “Urban Utilities” management tool does “not” replace the current council meter/bill but works together in the solution to provide more control to the billing processes from council’s / municipalities & Eskom, with dedicated management and live information functionality integrated into the main process.

Urban Utilities fully manage each client’s council/municipal or Eskom structure with full auditing processes, accurate consumption’s and correct billing strategies to ensure each property owners utilities bill is correct; accurate and transparent.

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Partner with “Urban Utilities” today and implement our product solutions into your current business scope or start something new.

Receive sole distribution rights in your current area or region and make a change in your community.

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Urban Utilities is a proudly South African company and as a Level 2 BEE contributor, Urban Utilities is committed to demonstrating sustainability by supporting social transformation and job creation in South Africa


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Procurement Recognition

Cape Town water tariffs will not be decreased to pre-drought levels, despite overflowing dams

The current total capacity of dams supplying the City of Cape Town is 101%, compared to 96.3% last year.Mayoral committee member Xanthea Limberg says the amount of water in the dams does not directly influence the cost of delivering water and sanitation service.The...
Urban Utilities


Workers affiliated to the municipal workers' union are expected to go on an indefinite strike over salary and benefit disputes JOHANNESBURG - Rand Water said that it had plans in place to ensure that taps will not run dry if Samwu workers’ strike goes ahead...
Urban Utilities

Electricity price shock for Joburg residents possible

Johannesburg residents could soon be paying R200 more for electricity each month, even before they start using it. This is if a proposed capacity charge for prepaid electricity users in the city comes into effect at the start of July 2021. According to the Democratic...

Why South Africa selected powerships over solar power and battery storage

Energy minister Gwede Mantashe announced the preferred bidders for the government’s emergency risk mitigation IPP programme in March, which include three liquid natural gas powerships. The Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP) aims to alleviate South...

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