Improve Account Management With Online

Billing and Payment

Our Urban Customer Portal software is a comprehensive web platform – specially designed for utility clients who want convenient services such as usage/consumption tracking, live meter readings, utility support structures, online billing and increase customer engagement.

Paperless billing is a highly attractive strategy for many reasons. Online Billing saves time, reduces printing and mailing costs, delivers faster account invoices, and helps reduce frustrations connected to late account statement.

When working on the Urban Portal, we will have done all the hard work to set up the online bill presentment and payment integrations – including PDF bill repositories, links to banking sites, and preferred online payment processors for credit cards, debit cards, and direct EFT processing as well as EasyPay processing that allows for payments to be done at all the EasyPay partners across South Africa. The bills and payment section of the web portal dashboard provides a copy of all bills, and bill inserts, as well as links to online banking institutions and payment systems. The Urban Custom Portal’s transaction tab highlights the utility customer’s account activity, showing what they paid for – and when they paid it.

Studies show that over 65% of consumers would likely adopt paperless billing if the system provided smart notifications. Our secure notification engine allows Urban Utilities to customize all bill notifications including new bills, upcoming bills, and past due notices and deliver them in a multifaceted way.

The Urban Customer Portal offers exceptional convenience and features for utility billing and payments. Customers have access to online billing and online payment functionality 24/7/365, and they can resolve most billing questions themselves, by viewing their account activity and usage information online – in real time.

A Convenient Way for all Urban Customers to Pay and Engage

Once registered, customers have the ability to view their bills on any device from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. It also allows them to pay their bills from anywhere, at any time by making use of the EasyPay processing structure at payment kiosk and participating partners or by making a turn at the council accounts department for direct payments. Now, customers can pay their bills whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them. Not only that, but by signing up for online billing, your utility supplier can save time and money on printing and mailing costs, as well as reducing the strain placed on clients visiting the actual accounts department.

With an elegant, easy-to-understand interface that puts the information directly in the customer’s hands around the clock, the Urban Customer Portal is a valuable asset for any utility consumer. By providing our customers with the power to manage their usage, pay their bills, and receive critical information from us and the utility provider instantly.

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